Building a Custom Minimal HomeKit Lamp

Building your own dream custom light may seem daunting and time-consuming at first, but it’s actually pretty easy. In this post I’ll walk you through building your own floor lamp controllable via HomeKit and Alexa using off-the-shelf products.

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Xcode's Find Navigator & Search Scopes

Xcode’s built-in search and replace function, present in the find navigator is severely underrated and unknown to many developers. It is very powerful and comes with various options that may look complex at first, but the nice and simple UI should help in getting started with it. Let’s take a quick look at what the Xcode’s find navigator has to offer.

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WWDC 2019 - The Things You May Have Missed

WWDC 2019 was definitely the biggest event in the last few years. I was in the audience when Swift was announced in 2014, but I can say that this year is probably bigger than WWDC 2014. Given the many changes across frameworks, OSes, developers tools and web services that Apple offers, many interesting minor long-awaited improvements may have gone unnoticed. I tried to collect some of the announcements that may have been shadowed by the bigger announcements in a single and short post. Every item has an associated source or link where you can learn more about it.

I am planning to keep this list up to date over the next few weeks as a personal reference, so feel free to send me anything you discover. I hope you enjoy the list!

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